• Hola! Welcome to Martu Ceramics.

    I am Martu Capelli - Argentinian ceramicist living in London. I specialise in stoneware and porcelain to create colourful, vibrant, hand made pieces - beautifully crafted in the UK and delivered world wide.

    My creative practice is a dance between two seemingly contradictory elements - the malleability of clay and my desire to infuse it with movement. This paradox serves as the wellspring of my artistic inspiration. While my creations often evoke images of sea animals and fungi, they are more than just static representations. Each lamp I craft becomes a unique creature, an invented one, a living embodiment of my vision. As I mold clay, I aspire to breathe life into it, to make it come alive with a vitality that defies the material's innate rigidity. I aim to create pieces that serve a dual purpose - not only as sculptures but also as functional objects that infuse their surroundings with luminous beauty.